10 things you learn from a vacation in Lahore

1: If you anticipate fog, there will be no fog. The minute you disregard fog, there will be fog
2: The longer the queue, the better the taste of fish
3: There is always a ‘hugely famous’ and trendy restaurant that you had never heard about before
4: Even though the temperature says 7c, it feels cooler than Frankfurt during snowfall
5: Everything is available in Y block market. Except DVDs.
6: Eating oranges with a cup of tea is okay.
7: Every news channel has 2 very vibrant talk shows, one funny show, one religious show, one morning show and one late night political commentary every day. All these shows will find a way to feature Imran Khan
8: You always know someone who a) deals in properties b) owns a coffee place c) has a music band d) comes on tv e) teaches somewhere f) is in civil services or army
9: Every house has a corner featuring cricket bats & wickets, an old football, a hockey stick (somewhat broken), and one table tennis racket.
10: Everyone in DHA supports Imran Khan

a very short story

They were not lost; they were just running around for fun. No wait, they were not running around for fun. They were lost. Well, actually, they were just running around for the sake of running around. Not quite though, they appeared to be running around for something. Or maybe they were lost. They were not lost. But then they were running around for no reason. Or if they were lost, why even then were they running around? Were they even running around at all? Or maybe they were just lost and running around.

The change theory

Small effort in right direction can lead to incredible achievements

Big effort in wrong direction or No effort in right direction leads to nothing

Big effort in right direction doesn’t add much value

No effort in wrong direction leads to nothing


If your effort is small and not leading anywhere, don’t change the effort intensity, change the direction first

If your effort is big and leading nowhere, change both effort intensity and direction

If your effort is big and not adding much value, reduce the intensity and relax a bit

If you are not putting any effort at all, then do something

7 things i learnt on world environment day

1) Can’t take turtles for granted. Hawksbill turtles (critically endangered) are being counted, their nests (wherever found) being registered with GPS based identifier system

2) Some people dedicate their lives to just the above kind of work. They sleep well and have a better life than management professionals. They also use high tech excel spreadsheets.

3) Mangroves prevent the desert from taking over a water habitat, saving fish. planting them is usually a messy affair but so are many other things in life

4) Playing cricket in June heat under the sun in middle of the desert (and no shelter) can be quite fun

5) Classic arabian village music is quite entertaining (so are classic arabian village musicians, even though they can’t speak english)

6) Environment is not all about atmosphere. our minds need rehabilitation too. many of the minds have gotton seriously polluted with superficiality and politics…

7) Common sense is an endangered species