The more I attempt to make more things simple, the more complex they get…

Anonymous (could be me, possibly in 2018)

The above quote, off course does not explain anything. I just wanted to start with a quote, an apt one nonetheless, and then move on to write some fussy, grammatically inconsistent and in general, meaningless, stuff.

That being successfully done, I hope to answer some of the most intricate (and irritating) questions faced by humanity, or at least by the people I know, with regards to everything random and non frivolous.

So here it is. A bit about this blog. In Q&A format:

Q: Who are you, i.e. the person writing this blog?
A: Next question. No one should be allowed to ask such simple, straightforward, blunt questions.

Q: Why are you writing a blong?
A: First of all its not a blong. It’s a blog. Second, I wanted to start a Vlog, but making a video of randomly thinking stuff is much more difficult that writing randomly thinking stuff. Third, I have been writing a blog for many years and nobody asked why.

Q: But this is your first post?
A: Not really. Before this there were many, and after this there could be many. I have also been writing in another blog for ages.

Q: Whatever happened to that blog?
A: I forgot where I placed it.

Q: That can’t be true.
A: That’s not a question.

Q: Where are you from?
A: Earth.

Q: Do you answer any question in a straight forward manner?
A: Yes.

Q: Demonstrate it.
A: I just did.

Q: What do you do, by the way?
A: Ask not what you do. Ask what else do you do… My favorite writers are Larry David and Woody Allen, if that’s any clue.

Q: So you are a farmer?
A: Not even close. Even though I should have been.

Q: This “About” page is too long and meaningless.
A: That’s how I intended to write it. Maybe in future I will come up with short and meaningful ones.

Q: Seriously, why are you writing a blog?

A: No thanks. I just had coffee.

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