A bit mild and uncertain – some predictions for 2019

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The global macro-economic situation will become much better (if you ask some economists) or much worse (if you ask other economists) or same as before (if you ask the common man). What will matter the most to the common salaried man will not be the extent of trade deficit or government borrowing of any particular country, but simply the percentage increment he/she will get in March.

Prices will rise further up. However, nobody will be bothered about it until at least a dozen News channels start blabbering about it in the form of breaking news.

Consumerism will rule over minimalism. Optimism will give way to realism, followed by cautious nihilism. All of this will change as soon as a new smart phone model gets released, at which instance the Bourgeois will collectively trade their dignity with the new phone.

Having Food will remain the number one leisure activity for most people, followed by watching Netflix, followed by having food while watching Netflix

At least one Hollywood movie will do gigantically huge business. However, all the awards will go to a completely unknown and kind of boring movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis (also known as Meryl Streep).

Stock market will crash….. just kidding. However as thousands of people (presumably) read this line collectively in last few nano-seconds, the stock market resultantly did see a sudden and unexplainable dip before picking up in the subsequent few nano-seconds. Somebody just made millions out of it.

Pop music will dissolve into folk music. Sufi music will see a decline, while fusion music, bhangra music and alternate rock music will rise in popularity before seeing a decline. None of that will change Tahir Shah’s mind as he embarks on his most ambitious project to date, i.e. “spy to spy”.

Wasim Akram will remain a big star whether he does anything worthwhile or nothing at all.

Many new designer outlets will spring up in large cities, offering uncomfortable living at unaffordable prices

English Premier League title will finally go to Liverpool. Everyone will forget about it before next winter.

Some people will confuse Ali Zafar with Atif Aslam and Asim Azhar with Ahad Raza Mir. Obviously these people will not be invited to any parties.

There will be quite a few award shows, fashion shows and musical concerts. There will not be many book launches, art exhibitions or theatre productions

Numerous kids will be born, almost half of them would be boys and the rest would be girls. People in general will grow older by one year

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