How do people react to your facebook status!

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My Status: I am visiting Bhutan and here are some pictures of the mountains
Friend 1: Nice. I visited Bhutan 7 years ago. Much before you visited. I know all the places there. All of them. You must try the coffee shop on 7th street
Friend 2: Bhutan has always been my favourite. Always. They invented happiness. I am so happy
Friend 1. I have visited all the countries in that region. Last year I went to Nepal too
Friend 3: Which camera do you use. I have a DSLR x450. It has an amazing acupuncture. I also have DSLR x250E, but I only use it for night shots
Friend 4: Oh I have DSLR x250E too. I like sports photography. Last year I went to PSL with my camera
Friend 5: I went to PSL too. Sports photography has always been my passion. Always.
Friend 3: I met Imran Farhat last year
Friend 4: I met almost all the players of Peshawar Zalmi. They were in a bus and I waived at them
Friend 6: Wow, nice travels. I always loved Bhutan. Someday I will go there.
Friend 7. Very true. 3 things I love the most. Justin Trudeau, Pocahontas and Bhutan. But your camera angles are very blurred. You need to use filter 3C or 7C. I have tons of them at home
Friend 8: I know what you mean by blurred angles. I used to have Xbox 360.
Friend 9: People. While we are at it, there are hundreds of people in the world suffering today with night froggy syndrome. Its real and its dangerous. I know 97% of you will not give a rat’s tail about night froggy. But my real friends are those 3% who will. I know who you are. So please copy and paste this message by pressing your figure on the screen till its says copy and then doing the paste thing.
Me: Guys I am back from Bhutan already. Please stop posting any comments
Friend 1: When I visited there, I stayed for much longer. I also visited their mountain peaks. All of them.
Me: I am quitting facebook.

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