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I saw a mad man walking on the road

with tattered cloths, and an aggressive mode

uncombed hair, rather uncouth beard
glow in the eyes, but it all looked weird

certainly not a charming man to see
but maybe he thought the same of me

as he stopped and stared in my eyes
it dawned on me he was quite wise

he asked a question in a soft tone
then walked to a crowd, all alone

i pondered a bit, but couldn’t reply
whatever i could say, would be a lie

he had asked me to judge who is better
a man of soul, or the world of matter

for he is happy while the world, unsatisfied
he is just mad, but the world may have died

he sleeps well and long, putting worries aside
the world just longs for angst and apartheid

he left with a sly, artful smile on his face
pure, honest and sincere was his case

he seemed to have gone on a distant stride
but gave me a bit to reflect, or maybe abide

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