Translating Faiz

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Translating Faiz in English is a hugely difficult task. Here’s my attempt.


The origional Urdu version:


Bahar aai to jaise yak baar

Lout aaye hain phir adam se

Wo khwaab saarey, shabaab saare

Jo tere honton pe mar mite the

Jo mit ke har baar phir jiye the

Nnikhar gaye hain gulaab saare

Jo tere yaadon se mushk-bu hain

Jo tere ushshaaq kaa lahu hain

Ubal paRe hain azaab saare

Malaal-e-ahwaal-e-dostaan bhe

Khumaar-e-aaghosh-e-mahwashaan bhe

Gubaar-e-Khaatir ke baab saare

Tere hamaare sawal saare, jawaab saare

Bahaar aai to khul gaye hain

Naye sire se hisaab saare

Bahar aai





Here it is again; the spring

And with it, comes back from the void

those unresolved visions, aspirations

the ones that ended at your sight

and then began where they ended

just like sprouting of these colors

reminiscent of yet another life

of dying in vain, but in love

or like rising of these torments

of longing, yet knowing

and relishing in all its familiarity

the forgotten tales

and unanswered questions

with the answers, unquestioned

so here comes the spring

Unraveling yet again

those unresolved persuasions

Here comes the spring again

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