10 unforgettable Karachi memories (and there are many more!)

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1. Night cricket with tape ball (and email exchanges beforehand, announcing teams, rules, strategies, trash talks, who’s who and your world view in general)

2. Student biryani (or just any biryani) & Nihari Inn…

3. Laraib music store (with it’s incredible DVD collection – think of a movie or a show, from Monty Python to Mission Impossible, and they will hand you it’s DVD in less than a minute)

4. Sudden outburst of donkey carts racing on the roads (quite literally!)

5. Sunday Bazaar

6. Live football/cricket matches on a big screen in office during lunch breaks

7 Makka ki chicken karahi (a top contender for the most delicious chicken ever cooked)

8. Liberty Books (specially the branch next to / inside bar b q tonight, and its fascinating collection of Current / Asia / Pakistan affairs books)

9. Driving at 1:30 am with friends on immensely busy roads, to eat hot & spicy rolls, followed by coffee


10. The extraordinary group of friends – comprising 7 languages, 4 religions, indefinite ethnicities, yet all born & bred Pakistanis, sharing uniquely similar slang, wit, cleverness & culture!

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