10 things you learn from a vacation in Lahore

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1: If you anticipate fog, there will be no fog. The minute you disregard fog, there will be fog
2: The longer the queue, the better the taste of fish
3: There is always a ‘hugely famous’ and trendy restaurant that you had never heard about before
4: Even though the temperature says 7c, it feels cooler than Frankfurt during snowfall
5: Everything is available in Y block market. Except DVDs.
6: Eating oranges with a cup of tea is okay.
7: Every news channel has 2 very vibrant talk shows, one funny show, one religious show, one morning show and one late night political commentary every day. All these shows will find a way to feature Imran Khan
8: You always know someone who a) deals in properties b) owns a coffee place c) has a music band d) comes on tv e) teaches somewhere f) is in civil services or army
9: Every house has a corner featuring cricket bats & wickets, an old football, a hockey stick (somewhat broken), and one table tennis racket.
10: Everyone in DHA supports Imran Khan


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