three and a half hours

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Three and a half hours from here

An unseen idyllic oasis, abundant with rare

Leaning away from the feigning, lavishing, layer

As an unstilted river, or a riveting flair

Invisible as much, seamless as the air

Like the pebbles in a desert’s drizzling square

Miles and miles of inordinate, inflicting glare

Glowing unfading colors, a riveting stare

Sunset to sunrise; without a moment’s dare

Three and a half hours from here


  1. well if it takes 3.5 hours, it better be existent… 🙂

    havent read anything significant lately. have been too busy for anything actually in last few months. a classic case of worklife imbalance for a while!

    I am not sure if you can read urdu (many pakistanis dont!), but if you can, do read urdu classics – Shafiq ur rahman, Ashfaq Ahmad, Tarrar, Ibn e Insha, Faiz, Yousfi… these are brilliant writers whose work is getting lost as less and less people are reading this language these days.

  2. Ahhh the story of corporate slaves is same all over 🙂

    Thanks for your recommendations and I am very much into Urdu literature ( Infact can read Punjabi as well :D) … have read the classics of Ashfaq, Bano, Qurat-ul-Ain, Manto , Faiz etc… however not much of Shafiq ur Rehman’s work. Means next time I visit Pakistan will have to get the book. Not sure where to find Urdu Literature books in Dubai….

    Thanks !

  3. thats nice to hear 🙂 … btw Punjabi is not a language for reading… its a language for listening. it gets extra ordinarily difficult to read, but immensely easy, lyrical and absorbing to listen… at least thats what i think!

    but enough on language reviews from a corporate (not a slave) person!… I live in dubai too (and am not sure where to get a bottle of rooh afza from here – let alone urdu literature books).

    But the weather is getting nicer and thats always a good thing! Dubai’s weather (contrary to popular belief) is actually fantastic in the winters.

  4. Rooh Afza ….. I haven’t spotted same here in the markets too but may be in Deira/Bur Dubai side…. hmmm … not a bad side business idea provided one finds a seizable market and demand 😀

    Mausam is better but I still miss Karachi’s evenings and breeze !

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