the journey

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I have driven a thousand miles; driven through the mountains and the rains; driven through the vessels and the vains. I have kept my pact and have held my head. I have remembered the past, and have witnessed it last. I have rushed through slides, and returned the tides. I have driven a thousand miles. And here I am… still in a rush. Not to be somewhere around or see something profound, just an illusionary rush, the one through which I have driven, the one that drives you even. The drive that goes away, around, in time and in no time, oblivious of what’s away, what’s around, what’s in time, and what’s not. When all that’s to be done is to get it done, while it need not matter what’s being won and whether it’s fun. I have driven a thousand miles to get here, and here I am, not clear on where have I been, what I have seen or where have I reached. And here I am, yet to drive a thousand miles. All over again.


  1. Good to see you back in action.
    I beleive the journey must continue and most importantly it is not the final destination but the journey itself that should be the inspiration…
    Keep gathering the experiences , bleak or brightening, deep or shallow, whatever the composition may be they all add up to paint the composition called LIFE !
    So I would agree that keep walking n keep discovering 🙂

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, journey is more important than the destination; however (and hence) it’s all the more important that journey is given some meaning and purpose. A journey just to follow a rut without thinking or even blinking wouldn’t make much sense, neither would it’s destination. There’s a slang used in Pakistan quite often, i.e. truck ki batti kay peechay bhagna 🙂 (a journey of no end and no meaning)… that shouldnt be, but is quite often the case!

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