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Sometimes while cherishing a cup of well blended coffee, or travelling long hours on half empty roads in the evening; an idea momentarily flashes in my mind. And as soon as it flashes in, it flashes out. As if it wouldn’t receive any cordial reception in an otherwise very forthcoming mind. Sometimes I become quite splendidly careless about such kind of ideas. In fact, I am begining to feel, that I am usually quite splendidly careless about any kind of ideas for that matter. But that’s a different story.

Now as all good ideas are, this idea is usually in the form of a simple notion. And that notion is: have i done anything material about the human race? Let me delve on it a little more. One always wonders how has the human race managed to achieve things so remarkable and astounding, in the fields as vast as science, literature, philosophy, art and more. And even more mind boggling is the fact that in the midst of such accomplishments, the human race in general doesn’t look even a few notches ahead of any other uncivilized species, probably behind many, as we are the only major species in animal kingdom known for fierce moral degradation, and brutality against it’s own kind as a means of doing things or progressing further.

In truth, human race has always relied heavily on flair of some rather than collective hard work of many. It’s a kind that excels with simple blitzes of genius which momentarily strike it in the form of gifted personalities, luck, innovative ideas that appear to arrive out of nowhere, saints, leaders, artists, or simply people with relentless ability or pursuit to help, or just divine intervention. But with those moments gone, the blitz quickly fades away, but always reappears when the race has almost entirely lost the sense of being and fallen in the quagmire of it’s own imperfectly crafted illusions.

History, therefore, presents a perfect case of human stupidity and human genius merged together, so eloquently devised by kings and craftsmen, sinners and stakeholders, saints or just good people, and general people of all shapes and sizes, curios and careless.

Coming back to the idea that keeps entering my mind. Have I done anything material about the human race? I am using the word material in this idea for a very ironic reason, which I am sure I don’t need to get into. The thought behind this idea is quite simple; if the human race is so heavily reliant on flair of some, rather than collective hard work, then what have I done to contribute to human race? In other words, apart from doing my daily rituals of waking up in the morning and leaving for office, caring for family & friends, working, forming opinions, devising business strategies and getting frustrated about them, socializing, watching or hearing about disasters, natural or man made, unfolding in one place on earth or the other, carrying a genuine apprehension about society’s moral degradation, making plans, and then ending the day wondering about remaining half baked plans; in other words, in the midst of being a normal human being, what have I done to actually help humanity.

While the above makes me a hard working soul, hence indulged in humanity’s collective hard work; which probably does matter, but doesn’t account for much in the end; am I not completely shying away from the things that do count; anything to the effect of inventing the novel, discovering the submerged, leading by example, crafting an art form, innovating a new way, helping, giving, and forgiving… is there much to this end, that I have done, or is there anything at all. and the thought ends here.

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