7 things i learnt on world environment day

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1) Can’t take turtles for granted. Hawksbill turtles (critically endangered) are being counted, their nests (wherever found) being registered with GPS based identifier system

2) Some people dedicate their lives to just the above kind of work. They sleep well and have a better life than management professionals. They also use high tech excel spreadsheets.

3) Mangroves prevent the desert from taking over a water habitat, saving fish. planting them is usually a messy affair but so are many other things in life

4) Playing cricket in June heat under the sun in middle of the desert (and no shelter) can be quite fun

5) Classic arabian village music is quite entertaining (so are classic arabian village musicians, even though they can’t speak english)

6) Environment is not all about atmosphere. our minds need rehabilitation too. many of the minds have gotton seriously polluted with superficiality and politics…

7) Common sense is an endangered species

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