Bulleh Shah

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I have heard this poem several times. Thought it would be a good time to attempt at translating it in English.

First the original Punjabi version:

parh parh ilm te faazil hoya
way kaddi apne aap nu parheya naai
phaj phaj warrna aye mandir masjid
kaddi mann apne wich warrya i nai
larrna roz shetan de naal
way kaddi nafs apne naal larriya nai
Bulleh Shah asmaani uddeya pharonda aye
Te jerra ghar betha unoon pharrya i nai

I’lmon bus kareen o yaar…
Iko alif teray darkar

Here’s my translation:

I’ve learnt enough to be a scholar
but I never learnt my own true color
I ran enough to my mosques, mandirs and all
but never entered my own heart and soul
I’ve quarreled with satan every single day
but never questioned my own temptations and way
Bulleh Shah; I seek all that’s there in the sky
but to cherish what’s at my home; I never even try

… enough of this learning my friend
all you need is an alphabet, in the end


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